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Autore The S.T.O.P. Movement

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Down With Us


The S.T.O.P. Movement

featuring: Everlast Tray Deee - Defari - J-Ro - RBX - Soopafly - Light - Daz Dillinger - Bad Azz - Rakaa Iriscience - WC - Mac Minister

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original press release/statement

We the people of the United States of America have gathered together to express our views against the oppression of people across the Earth by the imperialistic policy makers of our government. They want all the nations of the world to bow down and abide by rules and laws they impose behind the curtain of the United Nations, yet when those laws go against the political agenda of the administration they themselves break the law and feloniously fabricate propaganda to mislead the world and American people that Iraq has "Weapons of Mass Destruction", and will use them on America. Evidence to validate this fantasy still to this day does not exist, even after the CIA... (continua)
[hook: Everlast]
7/4/2014 - 23:42
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Dear Mr. President


FredWreck - KRS One - Defari - Prodigy - Alchemist - Evidence - Everlast - Mack 10 - WC -B-Real

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[hook: FredWreck (KRS One)]
11/10/2005 - 23:53

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