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10 Years On (Blaggers ITA)
1969 (Tossers) Video!
A Breath Of Peace (Adrian Fox)
A Place to Rest (Bobby Sands) Video!
A Prisoner's Christmas (Gerry O'Glacain)
A Soldier's Return (Wolfe Tones) Downloadable! Video!
All Ireland (Roy Harper)
Alternative Ulster (Stiff Little Fingers) Downloadable! Video!
Anne Devlin (Pete St. John) Video!
Arbour Hill (Declan Hunt)
Armagh (Au Pairs) Video!
Avondale (Dominic Behan / Doiminic Ó Beacháin) Video!
Back Home In Derry (Christy Moore) Downloadable! Video!
Bagenal Harvey's Lament (anonimo)
Ballad Of Bobby Sands (Gerry O'Glacain)
Ballad Of Claudy (James Simmons) Video!
Barbed Wire Love (Stiff Little Fingers) Downloadable! Video!
Beal Feirste (Canta u Populu Corsu)
Before Ireland Can Go Free (Tri Yann) Downloadable!
Belfast (Elton John) Downloadable! Video!
Belfast (Mägo de Oz) Downloadable! Video!
Belfast '71 (Allan Taylor) Downloadable! Video!
Belfast Brucia Negli Occhi Di Sara (Kalashnikov collective) Downloadable! Video!
Belfast Child (Simple Minds) Downloadable!
Belfast Shoemaker (anonimo)
Bells Over Belfast (The Irish Rovers) Video!
Birmingham Six (The Pogues) Downloadable! Video!
Bloody Sunday (Cruachan) Downloadable! Video!
Bloody Sunday (Stiff Little Fingers) Downloadable! Video!
Bobby Sands (Polverfolk)
Bobby Sands (Soldat Louis) Downloadable! Video!
Bobby Sands From Belfast (anonimo) Video!
Bobby Sands MP (Black 47) Downloadable! Video!
Bogside Volunteers (anonimo) Downloadable!
Boolavogue (Patrick Joseph McCall) Video!
Bring Them Home (Paddy McGuigan) Video!
Britz Out (Atarassia Gröp) Downloadable!
By Memory inspired (Frank Harte) Video!
Cease Fire! (Alan Stivell) Downloadable! Video!
Come Out Ye Black And Tans (Dominic Behan / Doiminic Ó Beacháin) Downloadable! Video!
Dark Horse on the Wind (Liam Weldon) Downloadable! Video!
Darling Betsy Gray (anonimo)
Death Before Revenge (Pangur Bán) Video!
Disraeli's Problem (Spirogyra) Downloadable!
Dunlavin Green (anonimo) Video!
Easter Mourn (In For a Penny) Video!
Easter, 1916 (William Butler Yeats)
England’s Vietnam (The Men of No Property) Downloadable! Video!
Erin Go Bragh (Peadar Kearney [Peadar Ó Cearnaígh]) Video!
Erin's Lovely Home (anonimo) Video!
Ether (Gang Of Four) Downloadable! Video!
Forever In My Mind (Christy Moore)
Forgotten Sons (Marillion) Video!
Four Green Fields (Tommy Makem) Downloadable! Video!
Freedom (for the Irish Nation) (BeFolk)
General Munro (anonimo) Video!
Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Paul McCartney) Downloadable! Video!
Give Me Three Grains of Corn, Mother (Amanda M. Edmond)
Great What? (Conflict)
Henry Joy (anonimo)
Here We Are Nowhere (Stiff Little Fingers) Downloadable! Video!
Hughes Lives On Forever (Gerry O'Glacain)
I figli del Bloody Sunday (Antica Tradizione) Video!
I'm Not a Patriot But...‎ (McCarthy) Downloadable!
I.R.E.L.A.N.D. (anonimo)
If I Could Not Be an Indian (Peter LaFarge)
Il giorno di San Patrizio (Antica Tradizione) Downloadable! Video!
Il volto scuro dell' Inghilterra (Lele Ravera) Video!
Invisible Sun (The Police) Downloadable! Video!
Irish Ways and Irish Laws (Moving Hearts) Downloadable! Video!
John Bull (Truzzi Broders) Downloadable!
Joseph Place (Didi) Downloadable!
Kelly the Boy From Killanne (The Clancy Brothers) Video!
Khader Adnan, Bobby Sands (David Rovics) Downloadable! Video!
Kieran's Song (Gerry O'Glacain)
La ballade nord-irlandaise (Renaud) Downloadable! Video!
La chanson de l'Irlande (Francesca Solleville) Downloadable!
La notte che ci rubarono le stelle (Del Sangre) Downloadable! Video!
Law And Order (Stiff Little Fingers) Downloadable! Video!
Let The Light Shine On (Carole Rose Livingston)
Libera Belfast (Canzoniere del Proletariato) Downloadable!
Long Kesh (Wolfe Tones) Downloadable! Video!
Long Kesh (Belfast) Video!
Long Kesh (Ken McGee)
Long Kesh (Guacamaya) Downloadable! Video!
Martin Hurson (Gerry O'Glacain)
Mary's Eyes (Janis Ian) Video!
Mná na hÉireann (Seán Ó Riada) Video!
Modern Times (Bobby Sands) Video!
Mrs. McGrath (anonimo) Downloadable! Video!
My Youngest Son Came Home Today (Eric Bogle) Video!
Na buachaillí bána (Antoine Ó Raifteirí)
Nell Flaherty’s Drake (anonimo) Video!
Ninety Miles From Dublin (Christy Moore) Downloadable! Video!
No More Of That (Stiff Little Fingers) Video!
O'Hara, Hughes, McCreesh and Sands (Seamus MacMathuna)
Oh! Breathe Not His Name (Thomas Moore) Downloadable! Video!
Oliver's Army (Elvis Costello) Downloadable! Video!
On the Blanket (Christy Moore) Downloadable! Video!
Only Our Rivers Run Free (Mickey MacConnell) Downloadable! Video!
Over The Wall (The Crumlin Kangaroos) (The Wolfhound) Downloadable! Video!
Paddy Public Enemy No 1 (Shane MacGowan & The Popes) Video!
Paper Sun (Def Leppard) Downloadable! Video!
Patriot Game (Dominic Behan / Doiminic Ó Beacháin) Downloadable! Video!
Peace On Earth (U2) Downloadable! Video!
Peter Pan And Me (Mickey MacConnell) Downloadable!
Plastic Bullets (Wolfe Tones) Downloadable! Video!
Please (U2) Downloadable! Video!
Poeta guerriero (Boghes de Bagamundos) Downloadable!
Raised by Wolves (U2) Downloadable! Video!
Roll Of Honour (Gerry O'Glacain)
Rory prende la via della collina (Contratto Sociale GNU Folk) Video!
Sachez qu’on m’appelle Mary (Francesca Solleville) Downloadable!
Sad Affair (Marxman) Video!
Sergeant, Where's Mine? (Billy Connolly) Downloadable! Video!
Six to Go (The Pogues)
Skibbereen (Wolfe Tones) Video!
Slap! (Chumbawamba) Downloadable!
Soldier (Harvey Andrews) Video!
Song For Ireland (Phil Colclough) Downloadable! Video!
Song for Marcella (Brendan McFarlane) Video!
State Of Emergency (Stiff Little Fingers) Downloadable! Video!
Streets of Sorrow (The Pogues) Downloadable! Video!
Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2) Video!
Sunday Bloody Sunday (John Lennon) Video!
Sunday Bloody Sunday (Chris Byrne)
Surella d'Irlanda (Canta u Populu Corsu) Downloadable! Video!
Take Me Home to Mayo (Dublin City Ramblers) Video!
Ten brave men (Frank Mitchell)
The Armagh Women (Margaret D'Arcy)
The Ballad of Aiden McAnespie (anonimo) Video!
The Ballad Of Bobby Sands (anonimo) Downloadable! Video!
The Ballad of Bobby Sands (Carole Rose Livingston)
The Ballad of Joe McDonnell (Wolfe Tones) Downloadable! Video!
The Ballad of Mairead Farrel (Seanchay & The Unity Squad)
The Ballad of Michael Collins (Johnny McEvoy) Video!
The Big Fellah (Black 47) Downloadable! Video!
The Birmingham Six (Danbert Nobacon) Video!
The Blackbird of Sweet Avondale (anonimo) Video!
The Bonfire on the Border (Brendan Behan) Video!
The Boy From Tamlaghtduff (Christy Moore) Video!
The Boys Of The Old Brigade (Paddy McGuigan) Video!
The Children of '16 (Declan O'Rourke) Video!
The Convict of Clonmel (The Clancy Brothers) Video!
The Croppy Boy (anonimo) Video!
The Devil Wore a Crucifix (Sydney Carter) Video!
The Drumboe Martyrs (The Irish Brigade) Downloadable! Video!
The Fields of Athenry (Pete St. John) Video!
The Fields of July (Colin Harper) Downloadable!
The Foggy Dew (anonimo) Downloadable! Video!
The H-Block Song (Anne & Frances Brolly) Video!
The Home Secretary Briefs the Forces of Law and Order (McCarthy) Downloadable!
The Lid Of Me Granny's Bin (Christy Moore) Downloadable!
The Limerick Soviet (Alun Parry)
The Luck Of The Irish (John Lennon) Downloadable! Video!
The Man From God-Knows-Where (Florence Mary Wilson)
The Men Behind The Wire (Paddy McGuigan) Video!
The Music Of Healing (Tommy Sands) Downloadable!
The People Own MP (Christy Moore) Downloadable! Video!
The Praties (Stan Kelly)
The Rhythm of Time (Bobby Sands) Video!
The Rifles Of The IRA (Wolfe Tones) Downloadable! Video!
The Rising of the Moon (John Keegan 'Leo' Casey)
The Saints Are Coming (The Skids) Downloadable! Video!
The Sam Song (Gerry O'Glacain) Downloadable! Video!
The Scariff Martyrs (Christy Moore) Downloadable!
The Shamrock Shore (anonimo) Video!
The Shankill Butchers (The Decemberists) Video!
The Sign (Eric Bogle)
The Sleeping Rose (Bobby Sands)
The Streets of Derry (Shirley Collins) Video!
The Town I Loved So Well (Phil Coulter) Video!
The Troubles (U2) Video!
The Wearing Of The Green (anonimo) Downloadable!
The Winds Are Singing Freedom (Tommy Makem) Video!
The Woman Cried (Bobby Sands)
There Are Too Many Saviours On My Cross (Richard Harris)
There Were Roses (Tommy Sands) Downloadable!
They Wounded Old Ireland (Andy M. Stewart) Video!
This Is a Rebel Song (Sinead O'Connor) Video!
This Little Place Called Ireland (Paddy McGuigan) Video!
Thomas MacDonagh (Frances Ledwidge)
Through The Barricades (Spandau Ballet) Video!
Torture Mill (Bobby Sands)
Van Diemen's Land (U2) Downloadable! Video!
Verde Irlanda (Brigata Cani Da Birra) Video!
Wasted Life (Stiff Little Fingers) Downloadable! Video!
Weeping Winds (Bobby Sands)
Whack Fol the Diddle (God Bless England) (Peadar Kearney [Peadar Ó Cearnaígh]) Downloadable! Video!
When the Gun Goes Down (Lindisfarne)
Why Are We Still in Ireland? (Part One) (Danbert Nobacon) Video!
Wladimir Mahoney (Sine Frontera) Downloadable! Video!
Zombie (Cranberries) Video!
Ένας όμηρος (Mikis Theodorakis / Mίκης Θεοδωράκης) Downloadable! Video!

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