Aborigeni australiani: razzismo, segregazione, assimilazione e generazioni rubate


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Beds are Burning
(Midnight Oil)
Black Deaths in Custody
(Kev Carmody)
Black Man's Rights
(No Fixed Address)
(Warumpi Band)
Brown Skin Baby (They Took Me Away)
(Bob Randall)
Continuate a uccidere il poeta
(Igor Lampis)
Dark-Eyed Daughter
(Phyl Lobl)
From Little Things Big Things Grow
(Paul Kelly)
(Us Mob)
Gurindji Blues
(Ted Egan)
Incident, Wallis Plains, 1826
(Tony Smith)
No More Boomerang
(Phyl Lobl)
Peter Norman
(Wu Ming Contingent)
Peter Norman
(Alberto Cantone)
(Tony Smith)
Solid Rock
Stolen Generation
(Flash Trade)
Stolen Generations
(Noel Gardner)
Sweet Child of Mine
(June Mills (Gunluckii Nimul))
The Children Came Back
The Drover’s Boy
(Ted Egan)
They Took the Children Away
(Archie Roach)
This Heroes' Land
(Tony Smith)
Thou Shalt Not Steal
(Kev Carmody)
(Yothu Yindi)
We Have Survived
(No Fixed Address)
When Cathy Runs
(Peter Devine)
Whose hand?
(Margaret Kitamura)
Wiradjuri Country
(Tony Smith)

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