Miss Maggie Thatcher


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30-Year War
(Manic Street Preachers)
7 Dee Days
(Boogie Down Productions)
Birth, School, Work, Death
(The Godfathers)
Black Boys On Mopeds
(Sinead O'Connor)
Bury Me Deep
Cants impotents!
(Companyia Elèctrica Dharma)
(Primal Scream)
Daddy What Did You Do in the Strike?‎
(Ewan MacColl)
Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead
(Judy Garland)
Don't Give Up
(Peter Gabriel)
Easter Parade
(Faith Brothers)
Flesh and Blood and Feelings
(Danbert Nobacon)
Funeral Pyre
(The Jam)
Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
(Pink Floyd)
Ghost Town
(The Specials)
Going Down to Liverpool
(Katrina and the Waves)
Goose Green (Taking Tea With Pinochet)
(Christy Moore)
Government Surplus
(Roy Harper)
Hand to Mouth
(George Michael)
How Does it Feel?
I Did It for Alfie
I Still Hate Thatcher
(Andy T.)
I'll Dance on Your Grave, Mrs Thatcher
(John McCullagh)
I'm in Love With Margaret Thatcher
Il Vangelo secondo Margaret Thatcher
(Mercanti di Liquore e Marco Paolini)
In Praise of Famous Men (and Women)
(Ewan MacColl)
Iron Hand
(Dire Straits)
King's Cross
(Pet Shop Boys)
Let's Start a War (Said Maggie One Day)
(The Exploited)
Long Live British Democracy Which Flourishes and Is Constantly Perfected Under the Immaculate ‎Guidance of the Great, Honourable, Generous and Correct, Margaret Hilda Thatcher. She Is the ‎Blue Sky in the Hearts of All Nations. Our People Pay Homage and Bow in Deep Respect and ‎Gratitude to Her, the Milk of Human Kindness.‎
(Test Dept.)
(The Exploited)
Maggie (Out)
Maggie Thatcher's Dream
(Grace Petrie)
Margaret on the Guillotine
Margaret's Injection
(Kitchens of Distinction)
Me ne vado
(Eugenio Finardi)
Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher
(Elton John)
Miss Maggie
Mrs Thatcher
(Mercanti di Liquore e Marco Paolini)
No Clause 28
(Boy George)
No Government
Old England
(The Waterboys)
Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher
(Deborah Holland)
Prophets of Rage
(Public Enemy)
Ronnie & Mags
Rusty Lady
(Jack Bruce)
Simon Weston
(Oi Polloi)
So Long, So Long
Stand Down Margaret
(The Beat)
Thatcher Fucked the Kids
(Frank Turner)
(Billy Bragg)
The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies (a Party Song)‎
(Pete Wylie)
The Day That Thatcher Dies
The Enemy Within (the Band)
(Ralph McTell)
The Fight for History
(MJ Hibbett & The Validators)
The Fletcher Memorial Home
(Pink Floyd)
The Iron Lady (Maggie May)
(Ian Robb)
The Post-War Dream
(Pink Floyd)
Tramp the Dirt Down
(Elvis Costello)
Two Million Voices
(Angelic Upstarts)
Waiting for Margaret to Go
We Work The Black Seam
Why Aye Man
(Mark Knopfler)

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