Man With a Gun

Shawn Phillips
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Shawn Phillips
Nell'album intitolato "Continuance", pubblicato nel 2017
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Shawn Phillips
There’s a man with a gun and he’s got you on the run,
and you thought he was your benefactor,
and he will never quit till your life has turned to shit,
he’s taken everything you’ve worked for,
it’s a symbol of our age, it should fill you full of rage,
and make you want some satisfaction

Like the sunlight in a day, he will never go away,
he is holding on to all his power
and in the hour of your need, he is only feeling greed,
and he simply wants to see you cower,
before a shadow of yourself is all that’s really left,
It is time for you to take some action.

And he plays his deadly games, from behind his hidden names,
moving money all around the nations,
never getting caught, everything is easy bought,
and the law is just a desecration,
you know that without fail, they will never go to jail,
your survival makes a great detraction

And the honest man’s a slave, just to make a living wage,
but the cost of life is so much higher,
rising to the sky, with your salary in a dive,
you are listening to a master liar,
what manner of a jerk, can think that this will work,
it’s a recipe for disaster.

With the power of the mind, I know that we can find,
an economy of salvation,
looking at the human race, put the numbers into place,
undergo realization,
dream becomes reality, simple continuity,
I’m talkin ’bout our civilization.

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