8500 Years

Shawn Phillips
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Shawn Phillips
Nell'album "Collaboration", con Paul Buckmaster e Peter Robinson
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For 8500 years it’s churning
the wheels of gore have not stopped turning
are we gonna have another century of war?

The force on both sides doesn’t balance
the fear of each keeps away alliance
to terrible sounds of suffering at the door

Flagrant conflicts of conceptions
the art is gone of kind exception
have we gone insane
do we really want to cry for more?

If a man wants to live in country splendor
in God’s creation green and tender
who are you to tell him you think that that’s a bore?

Any man can do whatever he wishes
life is sacrosanct is the only ism
we’re telling you to stop before you get to war

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