Noel Gardner
Lingua: Inglese

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This song took a while to eventuate. I was compelled to write it out of disgust at our current government’s hypocrisy and racist attitudes towards people’s who have suffered so much in their own homelands and have travelled across our northern waters in unseaworthy boats in the hope for a new future for themselves and their families. The fact that Australia sends troops to Afghanistan and Iraq because the local citizens need help and protection and we imprison theirrefugee’s who come from there is utter hypocrisy.

John Howard and his liberal party counterparts should be forever condemned for using the plight of these people’s lives to further their own political ends. The lies about queue jumping and children overboard, the imprisonment of children and the torture many of these refugee’s have been subjected to, deserve condemnation - for now, and into the future.
I come from the land of the desert
Where the mountains reach into the sky
Where snow caps god’s towers of beauty
Religion and guns ruled my life

A life of simplicity and sharing
Three children, a wife, family
I’ve been beaten, plundered and brutalised
I am a refugee

Now with decades of war my hopes faded
And with a yearning to live and be free
I packaged my life and my culture
With a bag full of sad memories

I’ve been exiled away from my homeland
I’ve been feeding advantage and greed
I have ventured ‘cross nature’s vast oceans
I am a refugee

Now a light shines down from a tower
Curled wire defines all my dreams
And a man with a baton and a spray pack
Maintains all those hostilities

As I sit in this camp in the desert
With no mountains, water and trees
My spirit is broken and shattered
I am a refugee

As I sit in this camp in the desert
Curled wire defines all my dreams
My life is dissected and traded
I am a refugee

And my hopes blow away ‘cross the desert
Like an aborigine

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