Sic Semper Tyrannis

Arroyo Deathmatch
Lingua: Inglese

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All the Best Matadors Were Fascists
(Arroyo Deathmatch)

Album: All of Them Witches

Searching for the hand of death,
There's no hope for those who rest,
When you seek to close your eyes that's what you'll get,
The taste sweet to sour, the cold caress.

Pry it from my trembling fingers,
Steal it from my lips with a kiss,
Vex this captive form into submission,
Take the throne of mine with your arrogant – smile...

Look forward, all you bring is the lie,
Creating reality – to match your verminous,
Eyes all around. – Witness to the sound,
of the crown falling down.
All kings get your bones in the ground..

Control is just coercion,
And coercion is just a threat,
The threat comes true once again,
For those that threaten back.
But as a threat let me say again,
So you do not misunderstand,
Your cruelty will be turned on you,
When we take our cities back,
When we take our cities back,
When we take our cities back...

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