7-11 On September Eleventh

Mike Rimbaud
Lingua: Inglese

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2002 Copyright by Mike Rimbaud
Woke up at Eight, should have been 7
Late for work in a skyscraper
Rushed out the door, didn’t eat a thing
Couple dollars for a coffee and a Danish and looked up
My heart stopped when I saw the TV

Two crazy Jets under one sun
Few dollars and change in one of my hands
I picked up my phone and dialed a number
No dial tone, no dial tone

I was at the 7-11 on September 11, 2001
I don’t like surprise, now I cry and cry
At the 7-11 on 9-11

Fire and smoke, it looked like a movie
Then the Pentagon became a square
Where was the C.I.A., what a disgrace!
Somebody pinch me, it’s all a bad dream

I was lucky, but I could be next
It’s a lottery with those maniacs
Brainwash those bad guys with a little more soap
How does one get so evil and twisted?

I heard Bin laden drives a cab in L.A
Somebody tell him, he’ll never be a star
Take the T out of terror and you have a mistake
It shouldn’t have happened, shouldn’t have happened

Is that only sugar on my cereal?
Could it be Anthrax, do I open my letters?
Should I get on an airplane, should I get out of bed?
Nothing to fear, but, hey, I’m afraid

Newspapers getting us paranoid
Did the man with the turban put a hole in my doughnut?
I wake up now with my Ground Zero coffee
Stars and Stripes are waving goodbye now.

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