Ten Iraqi Children Went To War

Lingua: Inglese

Author: Unknown
Tune: Raffi's five little ducks
Ten Iraqi children went out to play,
over the hills and far away,
President Bush sent his bombers to attack,
and only bits and pieces of the children came back.
Brothers, sisters, cousins of the children shout and cry,
Curse Saddam, Bush, and the bombers in the sky,
Some seek a mosque to shrieve this sin,
Some seek the training of Osama Bin.
Five years later in the USA,
A hundred little children go out to play,
A sunny joyful playground turns suddenly black,
And only bits and pieces of the children come back.
Songs like this were once too slow,
One by one would the children come and go.
High tech weaponry beats the gun,
Kills 'em in tens - it's a lot more fun.

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 16/11/2005 - 01:27

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