The World Does Not Hate the USA But It Does Hate The Elitists Who Rule The USA - And Here's Why

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Copyright 2004 Gildas

"This song is my contribution to the debate in the U.S.A since 9/11 around the question, 'why does the world seem to hate the U.S.A.?'. My song is written from the perspective of a young underprivileged American with a social conscience and a sense of history." -Gildas.
Well I may be from the back streets on the wrong side of the tracks,
And I didn't go to prep school and I don't read Latin books,
And I may have run a little wild and burglarised a store,
But I will not join your army and I will not fight your war.

Through your secretive societies and underhanded plans,
You have hijacked our democracies and usurped all our lands;
You have consorted with criminals and helped spread drugs and vice,
And you've backed and armed dictators to repress their people's voice,
And you trample rights and commit torture when it suits your plans,
And you've fixed the world economy to feed wealth to your hands.

But right now you claim you want to bring democracy and peace
And to guarantee prosperity through global enterprise.
But the truth of what you're doing now is obvious and plain -
You want tens of thousands like me to be soldiers and marines
So that you can build your empire, bring your plunder back to Rome
To achieve world domination and extend your power at home.

And your motives are just selfishness and avarice, it's sure
And you're misusing our taxes which should go to help the poor.
So send your own sons and daughters out to do your dirty work
And spend your own wealth on guns and bombs to launch your sneak attack,
Then we'll treat you like the evil vicious terrorists you are -
But we will not join your army
And we will not fight your war.

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