These Are The Ones Who Die

Mike Nobel
Lingua: Inglese

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Lullabye For A Child In War
(Mike Nobel)

Copyright 2004 Mike Noble

"Rumsfeld, Cheney, "Dubyah" and crew,
Conjure a plan and see it through
Then watch the tragic tale unfold,
The blood is young, the lies are old"
These are the ones with the power to decide
Which way the flags of war or peace will fly
And these are the ones who justify with pride
The sacrifice of these, the ones who die

Young men flying high in the prime of life
And refugees with nowhere safe to hide
And children with old and weary eyes
These are the ones, these are the ones who die

Truth and reason easily set aside
When the winds of fear and suspicion burn the sky
And both sides will tearfully eulogize
With gratitude to these, the ones who die

History too insane to comprehend
When enemies become the best of friends
And the centuries will never apologize
To the families of these, the ones who die.

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