Prayin' In The Palace Of Sin

Richard Marot
Lingua: Inglese

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Prayin' in the palace of sin
Yes, we’re prayin' in the palace,
In the biggest Palace of sin
That’s a horrible scene!

We all wanna the same thing
But our love is too thin
Like the thinnest needle
And I’m in the middle
Yes, I’m in the middle
Of the disaster of Sin.

The world is a harvest
Of the cruelty of Sin
And we wanna search
A so hidden exit
To breathe the softness
Of a beautiful white day.

But we are well unchained
By the strongest bracelets
In the middle of the injustice
In the middle of the wealth
Of our big palace of sin
Of our sad palace of sin.

And we can breathe
But It’s only a dream
We can dream on peace
But we can’t find the joy
Inside this paradise
of the most terrible Sin
Inside this palace of Sin.

And It will be always a Sin…
'Cause it remains behind poverty
'Cause it remains so well hidden
Behind the ugly disaster.

But we must be the hunter
Of every cruel sinner
To be able to destroy them
And to destroy their palace,
Their wealthy palace of Sin.

But we can only prayin’
In this palace of sin
And We can be weepin’
Because of our saddest Fate
And it’s only what we can do.

Prayin’, prayin’
And just prayin’
To save our soul
Behind the unjust law!

Prayin’ prayin’ in that world
And around the world
Because the whole world
It’s a real palace of sin
It’s our palace of sin!

And the whole world lives
Inside a palace of sin
Our real palace of sin
In Our palace of sin
The biggest palace of sin.
From this whole wide world.

And now, many souls are prayin’
Despite they’re enjoying with their sin
In this awful Paradise of Sin
In the biggest Palace of Sin
Dying in this prison of Shame.

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