A Tale of Two Americas

Rod MacDonald
Lingua: Inglese

It was the best of times
It was the worst of times
In my tale of two Americas
One side basking in the glare
Of self-congratulation everywhere
In my tale of two Americas
"And for what" cried the other
"You reward yourselves like thieves
With your guns and your greed"
There were those who thought a military
Could be used to keep the peace
There were those whose thirst for war would never cease

There were some who say god
Wants laws based on their religion
In my tale of two Americas
There are those who say religion
Is a personal decision
In my tale of two Americas
Some dream of a country
Where they could choose their partners freely
And have their love recognized
Some dream of wilderness
Where wild animals roam free
And there's not a single oil well in sight

You can buy up all the tvs
Newspapers and radios
Tell a lie til you convince yourself it's true
You can spend a billion dollars
To attack the other guy
Hire some writers to report it like it's news

And those who never knew war
Sent other people's kids to battle
In my tale of two Americas
They called each other warriors
Sat real high up in the saddle
In my tale of two Americas
Those who never knew peace
Looked for someone to attack
Hunted terror, left no child alone
They said to stand against them
Was an unpatriotic act
There are those who say "freedom starts at home"

You can steal a million votes, you can fill the air with lies
In the end you know it's you who's gonna lose
If I could have one question I could ask the wise:
What kind of future are you gonna choose?

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