Mr Dizzy (the Funny Idol of a Generation of War)

Richard Marot
Lingua: Inglese

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The funny idol of a generation of war)
With a vest and with a little beret,
With all his rhythm and his big glasses,
With his poignant scat and all his jokes,
A boy full of joy woke up to sing
In a better life full of excitement…

And he became the funny idol
Of a young generation full of pains…
Of a young generation who knew a big war
While he was playing the drowned notes
That went out of his bent trumpet;
He was called Dizzy in a dizzy world
And He will be always our funniest joy!

With his wide pants and his improvisations,
With the sound of his conga and his chant,
He will always eclipse the whole music
Because he was a fine composer and a complete musician…

Oh, Dizzy Gillespie! I will always recall you
As the man who started to change our music and our society…
One of the first people who were proud of being black
And that is why your music was more than jazz.

Thank you for everything, Mr. Dizzy…
To lose you has been the worst pity,
And now I’m so alone in this city;
But I bring you in my soul; oh Mr. Dizzy!

‘Cause you will be always the funny idol
Of my young heart full of pains
While you are playing the drowned notes
That go out of your warm trumpet
You were called Dizzy in a dizzy world
And now, you’re the boy who brings me the best joy…

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