Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV

Asylum Street Spankers
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 Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV

Anti-War manifests got old fashioned? Not at all, not when someone can forge the perfect union between criticism, humor and good music. The outstanding western swing band Asylum Street Spankers grouped this tripod of propositions and came up with the everlasting video dumbfounding those creature who "support" USA troops by providing support and incentive to them to take a walk amidst mine fields in Iraq.
My Cunt, My Cunt. My Countrys calling me,
Asshole, Asshole, A soldier I will Be,
To Piss, To Piss, Two Pistols by my side,
A Whore, A whore, A horsie I will ride.

I'm sitting here in Iraq
and I wish my head had eye balls in the back
its a bummer that my hummer isn't armored to a tee
to show me your support you spent a dollar ninety-three
a dollar ninety-three

Oh stick magnetic ribbons on your SUV
Keep your apathy, and get off scott-free
If I don't see a Ribbon on that SUV
I'll call you a Red, Wish you Dead
Put the blame on weed
If I don't see a Ribbon on that SUV

Please don't send me to Iran
and I sure don't want to see Afghanistan
any day now I could be another grunt sporting a stump
so buy another ribbon while you're paying at the pump
you're paying at the pump

Go stick another ribbon up your SUV
stick your apathy up your passivity
if I see another ribbon on that SUV
I'll flip you the bird
and make the word of the day "complacency"
so stick that stupid ribbon up your SUV

take it boys [bang bang arrrg]

Now the whole damn world is bleeding
and the last thing that we needs
another fucking ribbon on that gas guzzling SOB

Stick a ribbon on your SUV
Stick a ribbon on your SUV
Stick a ribbon on your SUV
"Ah, those ribbons are by chance made of kevlar, are they?"

27/5/2013 - 23:41

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