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Guantanamo Bay
(J.D. Sage)
Pour ne plus bronzer idiot
(Dominique Branier)
(State Radio)

Album: Year of the Crow

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Still about Guantanamo prison.




There must be another way !
Heard you sold your friend,
Got a good price at the local store,
You know he could've turned you in,
could have been you on the concrete floor.

Jefferson roll over
and tell ol' Stalin the news,
They got 'em locked up in Castro land
redefining abuse
in shades of gray.

Torture advocate
Got his dick up in a chicken hawk,
Life is what he'll get,
War president is a criminal.

Still the years they go by,
No charge or trial date,
You're accused of whatever you confess to,
Until then you won't see -the light of day!

There must be another way,
There must be another way...

The weathervanes are charging down the hill,
In some quixotic cavalry
And the war is shaking in its sleep
And the homesick ghost
of Geronimo, I fear
is taking all the absinthe,
there must be another way.
Since Geneva's nearly drowned,
Since the tinsmith was gagged and bound,
Since the rich boys got away,
Two shovels and a skull of the widower brave...

Another indefinite detention,
Another tradition saved,
All hail the line of crooked white chiefs,
Whose father stole the bones -from an Indian grave.

There must be another way,
There must be another way...

Hey, Geronimo...
Hey, Guantanamo..

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