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God Save The Queen
(Sex Pistols)

Album “9”‎


"That's precisely how I see myself - fighting off, instead of the U.S. Cavalry, boredom and ‎oppression.” […] “I'm making my case quite clear that this is my land and I'm not gonna surrender ‎it easily. I'm sick of damn big businesses just burning up everything, destroying the food, ‎destroying the sea, polluting the air. You know, I've got an actual birthright to these things - I'm ‎damned if I'm gonna surrender it lightly." (John Lydon in due interviste rilasciate su BAM e MTV ‎nel 1989)‎
Fields they have eyes
Woods they have ears
Fish always sink
Head first downward
I'll never dismount
I ride the tiger
Crosses are ladders
Leading to heaven
Keep the candle burning
Bright in the window
It's the only light
I'll see tonight
Beggars can't be choosers
Shrouds have no pockets
Some of us wake up
Others roll over
Hear the dog bark
Watch the trees sway
Keep the candle burning
Both night and day
Many invade
I take no quarter
This is my land
I'll never surrender

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