Revolution (part 1)

Nina Simone
Lingua: Inglese

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Un'altra splendida "protest song" della grande Nina Simone. Terza traccia dell'album "To Love Somebody" del 1969 (la quarta si intitola "Revolution (part 2)" ma credo sia una prosecuzione strumentale della precedente).

nina simone-to love somebody

La canzone sembra decisamente una risposta a Revolution dei Beatles (scritta da John Lennon)
And now we got a revolution
Cause i see the face of things to come
Yeah, your Constitution
Well, my friend, its gonna have to bend
I'm here to tell you about destruction
Of all the evil that will have to end.

Some folks are gonna get the notion
I know they'll say im preachin' hate
but if i have to swim the ocean
well i would just to communicate
it's not as simple as talkin jive
the daily struggle just to stay alive

Singin about a revolution
because were talkin about a change
it's more than just evolution
well you know you got to clean your brain
the only way that we can stand in fact
is when you get your foot off our back

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