We Are the Cops of the World

Mike Stout
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by C. Michael Stout
Album: Americana Dreams: Keeping The Promise
Americana Dreams: Keeping The Promise

The U.S. spends billion policing the world with a global empire of hundreds of bases, thousands of our finest young men and women, and a military budget equal to the next 22 countries combined. We should be building schools and a clean energy.
Seven-hundred some bases all over the globe
in places we don't even know,
Troops, ships and drones all over they roam,
There's no where our armies don't go..
We garrison the planet, north, south, east and west,
Occupy all seven seas..
On this modern day empire the sun never sets,
A super power will do what he please.
-But empires cost money, and guess who will pay
Four-hundred million dollars a day,
You can't hear the music, but the fiddle still plays.
When they say there's nothing left to help you and me
The reason ain't too hard to see - WE ARE THE COPS OF THE WORLD!

In the sands of Iraq - and Afghanistan,
The pains of occupation resound..
Innocent blood spilled, civilians get killed
As the bombs and the missiles come down.
It's circle the wagons, and unleash the dragons
Get in position for the bigger war game..
When there's gas or oil on some foreign soil,
The Blackwaters and the choppers will reign.
-But empires cost money, someone must pay.
The machine has a mind of its own,
When big money talks, everything else walks
When there's nothing left for us back at home,
The reason is easily shown - WE ARE THE COPS OF THE WORLD!

No money for roads, bridges or trains,
No jobs that pay a decent living wage..
No healthcare, no welfare no future remains
On the Main streets of the USA.
Keep on pretending, but the bender is ending
Our dreams have been put on hold.
In order to maintain the empire's reign
Our children's future has been sold..
The truth must be spoken and told - WE ARE THE COPS OF THE WORLD!

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