Antiwar songs by Kilminister

Kilminister formed on the northern beaches of Sydney Australia in early 2007. Local residents, guitarist Richard Kearney, drummer Dan Mauger, and songwriter Laurie McGinness joined Melbourne bass player Ronnie Neal to form a recording unit. At a time when recorded music is usually seen as a promotional tool for live performances it might not be the ideal path for a developing band, but, with Ronnie making only infrequent trips to Sydney, it was the only one open to us.

The basic tracks for the four songs on this CD were recorded in a single three hour session at Moonlight Studios at Brookvale in Sydney, during April. It was only the fourth time we had played together. The vocals, some additional guitar tracks and Lucas Kearney’s didgeridoo on Waterloo Creek, were added later.

The songs divide into two groups. “ I’ve Been Thinking” and “Bed Of Nails” are concerned with the personal and the political while “Waterloo Creek” and “Kilminister’s Confession” deal with our

Australian history and the roots of violence. These last two songs are based on the massacres of the Kamilaroi people in NSW in the 1830s, as described in Roger Millis’ book “Waterloo Creek”. The song “Waterloo Creek” is consistent with the events described in the book. Kilminister’s Confession however, is a dramatic reconstruction and departs significantly from the actual events.