DJ Bobo

Canzoni contro la guerra di DJ Bobo

DJ BOBO is a producer, composer, writer, singer and dancer in one person. The artists whose real name is René Baumann, was born on the 5th January 1968 as the son of a Swiss mother and Italian father in Kölliken (Switzerland). DJ BOBO is 1.73 m (5 ft,81/2 in) tall and has green-brown eyes. He has no borthers or sisters.

DJ BOBO as well as members of his group (Curtis J. Vincent born March 2, 1991 and Daniel Burkat born February 20, 1971) do not smoke or drink alcohol and are really into sport. As a mater of fact he hates smell of cigarettes. DJ BOBO loves soccer, but than you have to remember that soccer is the most popular discipline in Europe. Well... actually, he not only likes to play soccer but also finds time to play badminton and of course does skiing. The biggest hobby of DJ BOBO is always music. When time permits he listens Micheal Jackson, Elton John, and Steve Wonder. DJ BOBO is a very gentle and polite guy. He likes being with his fans, signing his pictures and posing for pictures. He is trying to be a normal, preppy guy even if his popularity makes his life pretty tough. He does not have a STAR mannier. When he is performing, one might discover how much energy is in him. His hard work has been fully recognized.He already received many gold and platinum records including the title of BEST European male Singer of 1995. His favorite song from his repertoire is "Let The Dream Come True". He has about 8 different costiumes he usually uses in concerts. When in tournee he prefers to use buses over airplains. Why? Simply because he can sleep better in buses and get some relax.

He is still a bachelor (actually he is divorced), however recently he has been seen with Nancy Rentzsch (born 11.23.1969). Nancy is a part of DJ BOBO's dance team. They know each other from last year when Nancy with her group 3-O-Matic performed for DJ BOBO. Nancy with her friend Tanja Greuder (28 years old) now also with DJ BOBO and George Waldenen as 3-O-Matic had few hits e.g."Success", "All I Want Is You", "Hand In Hand". No word yet if Nancy and DJ BOBO are already married.

As you can easily seen from his pseudonym, the multi-talent previously worked as a disc jockey. Using name "DJ BOBO" René Baumann quickly rose to become one of the really big names in the Swiss club scene. It was thereby obvious that he also uses this successful name as a producer

The beginning of DJ BOBO career was not easy. Before his talent exploded he was trying to get many labels interested in his music, without a success. His first professional single recorded was: Let's Grove On. In 1988 DJ BOBO participated in "Disco Queen/King Corporation" in a Discotheque "Tropic" located in German city Memmingen. This annual event takes place every year from 1979. DJ BOBO was nominated for a Grand Prize. Based on this, he was invited to "Top 10 Disco King" in Ibisa, where he received Third place in the category of: dance, look and style. At that time he was still using his real name. DJ BOBO was also a Disc Jockey. Being a DJ he first gained success in Switzerland, but the decisive breakthrough came with the superhit Somebody Dance With Me, which exceeded all expectations; released at the beginning of November 1992 it made the bound on Position 1 in the Swiss Single Charts. In many countries the song reached the TOP TEN and BOBO's extraordinary success was awarded with several gold discs in Australia, Germany, Israel, Sweden and of course in Switzerland

But DJ BOBO prooved with his second hit that he is not a nine-day wonder: Keep On Dancing became number 1 in Finnland, reached the TOP TEN in many European countries and was awarded with Gold Discs for 250,000 singles sold in Germany. Switzerland awarded his long expected album Dance With Me and it was to be found in the European Charts for some time. Take Control - the next release - reached very high chart positions and again got Gold in Germany.

In 1994 then BOBO got up to position 2 of the German Single charts with his slow dance reggae Everybody, remained there for many weeks and was awarded with the Platinum Disc for 500,000 singles sold in Germany

In Autumn of '94 the second album There Is A Party was released containing the whizz kid and smash hit Let The Dream Come True which also reached Gold. Love Is All Around was released in January 1995, gained TOP 10 positions in many countries and was awarded with sixth Gold Discs in line in Germany!

In February and March of 1995 DJ BOBO was on tour in South America with great response from the fans. When he was in Sao Paolo he performed a gorgeous dance-act in front of a 120,000 people and everybody took active part in his lifely show

At the beginning of May '95 he got the World Music Award in Monaco for being the "World's best-selling Swiss recording artist of the Year". The new single There Is A Party was climbing up the charts; together with the phantastic video which was produced in Caribbean by the Miami Vice camera team.

In Summer 1995 an extended Asia tour followed with stage acts in Seoul (South Korea), Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Their next stay was the promotion tour in Australia. "There is A Party Tour '95" started in September of 1995 with 25 people acting with a most costly tourequipment. DJ BOBO performed an extraordinary show with a livecrew of 9 people with a perfect choreography and tramsformed each hall into one huge dance party. The success of this tour set new standards in the European dance scene: more than 35 shows in Germany alone., apparances in Eastern and Northern Europe, and, as the high point, a sold-out concert for 13,000 visitors in Zurich Hallenstadion! Hurrying from stage to stage, giving interviews, press conferences and signing autographs were the main occupation for DJ BOBO and his team last autumn. As a reward for his efforts he received enthusiastic applause and standing ovations after each concert but what made him most happy were the allover happy faces of his fans and groupies. With his shows on stage he filled his audience with enthusiasm. 90 minutes of pure Dance, based on a perfect choreography, giant firework, light effects and even a conjuring trick that really caused a sensation. At I have mentioned before, the highlight of his tour in the sold out Zürcher Hallenstadion in Switzerland on October 6th 1995, where the audience was celebrating their star and the applause for the artist was overwhelming. During this mega event his new video "Live On Stage" was shot and here you can find 60 minutes of pure Dance Entertainment. No one should fail to watch it as it really prooves to be fantastic.

At the press conference after the show he presented his special album "Just For You" containing Dance Remixes of already known productions as well as the special X-Mas Song "It's Time For Christmas" and "Love Is The Price". While singing this ballad 13.000 fascinated fans were lighting their sparklers and the Hallenstadion was transformed into an ocean of little lights.

In January '96 DJ BOBO was awarded in Davos in Switzerland with his 8th Golden Record in line for Germany. His success can be understood easily when reviewing 7 brilliant singles and the gorgeous album "There Is A Party". Especially with his current single "Love Is The Price" he is prooving his unbelievable creativity. It is a ballad which he was presenting to the world in the biggest and most famous game show „WETTEN DASS..?"(broadcast live on 13th of January in German-speaking countries) in Bremerhaven in front of millions of viewers watching DJ BOBO and his group. But the Dance Floor King does not even think of making a pause and is working again to improve his show and choreography. At the moment he is on the "Love is the price tour" which began in Switzerland, was continued in Germany and was finished with a performance at the charity concert "Hand in Hand for Children" in Frankfurt on April 7th 1996.
The little time between his shows DJ BOBO seized to work on further productions in the studio for his album: "World in Motion". Song titled "Pray" DJ BOBO from this album was presented on September 2 nd, 1996. In December 1996 another single from this album: "Respect Yourself" was released

1997 brought to live his two new singles (also from 1996 album): "It's My Life" (April 1997) and "Shadows of The Night" (August 1997). A WINTER EDITION of his album "World in Motion" was released in September 1997. Also in 1997 he moved to a new home in Lucerne (Switzerland).