Ženski Pevski Zbor Kombinat

Canzoni contro la guerra di Ženski Pevski Zbor Kombinat
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Ženski Pevski Zbor Kombinathttp://kombinatke.si/

Kombinat is a female choir that was officially born on the Resistance Day, April 27, 2008. April 27 is a state holiday in Slovenia. It was formerly known as the Liberation Front Day (dan Osvobodilne fronte); it marks the establishment of the Liberation Front in Slovenia in 1941. The idea to start a choir that sings revolutionary tunes from all over the world in original languages started at a bachelorette party of one of our members. Kombinat’s members are from all over the country and have versatile professions – we have pre-school teachers, high school teachers, lawyers, social workers, archaeologists, biologists, secretaries, accountants, students, there’s a magnificent singer-songwriter among us, journalists, economists, academics… the list goes on and on… Our first public appearance was on May 23, 2008 in Ljubljana.