Antiwar songs by Nature
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Reggae singer Nature has inked a production and booking deal with successful independent record label, Down Sound Records (DSR), a move he believes will finally propel him into the spotlight and get him the recognition he richly deserves.
“It is a good look for my career right now because DownSound has a strong management, promotion and production team to get the musical over the world, so right now, I am in the studio, working on several tracks for an album,” Nature said.

According to Billboard-charting producer Cordell ‘Skatta’ Burrell, who is in charge of production at DSR, the singer has recorded over 20 tracks so far.
“We’re going to choose about 14 of them to do an album. We have some promising songs such as a Mama song which we believe is going is to set the reggae world on fire,” Skatta said.
The Billboard Top Ten producer had high praises for the young reggae singer who he described as a “fierce young voice moving on to bigger things in his future”.
“Nature is a very talented artiste whose time has come now. He is ready and he has a team around him, Josef Bogdanovich is ready to use his links in the world of reggae to make him to the next big thing from Jamaica…just look out for him.”
Nature has been locked in the studio for the past month creating the right vibes for an album that he hopes will rekindle interest in the art form of reggae among the Twitter generation of younger fans.
“I am doing music to uplift the mind and the soul, and I want to soothe the soul of all the Jamaicans who are going through a difficult time, whether they are old, middle-aged or teenagers. The people need spiritual food and that is why I am doing music,” he intoned seriously.
The artiste, whose real name is Andre Ellis, known for singles such as “Wasting Time” and “Hold On”. Both songs generated a lot of airplay on radio and television, and created a buzz in Europe a few years ago. On the strength of these singles, Nature has been touring extensively, doing a three months tints in Europe where he did shows in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.
Downsound CEO Josef Bogdanovich said that signing Nature was an easy call, a no-brainer in market parlance.

“He is a phenomenal singer who can force FM radio in Jamaica to sit up and listen. He has a great work ethic, great songs and a wonderful voice. He is coming up fast in the world of reggae,” he said.
Last year, Nature got rave reviews from reggae aficionados after a series of explosive performances on the island continent of Australia.
“My most recent tour took me to Australia where I did a number of shows. I feel good to be out in the world because as a young artiste, you have to plant the seeds to build a fan base. Music is a growing process, it is really a career, not just something to eat a food, that is why I am taking timeout to do conscious, positive music that can last a lifetime,” the St. James native said.
“My music is always positive and brings upliftment to the mind. My music is to bring people together, not divide,” the St James native said.
Nature has been involved in music since he was nine. The 26-year-old singer has received various accolades for his music including the best singer award at the Eastern Awards in 2008 and a trophy for his singing and songwriting i n a competition put on in St James by Danger zone in 2002.
With a name that signifies his love for the environment, Nature started getting serious about his career in 2002. Since then, he has recorded with Big Ship, King Jammy’s, Truck back Records and Ricardo Gardener’s Heart of Love Music label.
He has made a high-powered cameo on the new single, When We Roll, which includes the entire roster of the Down Sound Records team. His solid contribution has proven his versatility because it is not easy for a reggae singer to deliver the goods on a thumping, hardcore rap beat. Nature also has a number of other songs out such as “Cry Out”, “Most High God” and “Dirty Closet”, which was featured in the popular roots play, Talk Done, Time For Action.
Nature’s move from St James to St Andrew has also helped to propel his career over the last few years, racking up gigs at Sting, GT Extravaganza, Reggae Sumfest, Champions In Action and Island Explosion.
He added: “I want to spread the music so that the world can be a better place. Mi have to big up producers like Ricardo Gardener who helped to get my music all over the world. The world can look forward to big songs from Nature in 2012 and beyond. DSR to the world”Look out for his new “Mama” song on the DSR label.