Yaron Herman & Bijan Chemirani

Antiwar songs by Yaron Herman & Bijan Chemirani

Yaron Herman plays piano jazz that is utterly unique. He learned to play based on a method using math and philosophy.

Born in Tel Aviv, Yaron Herman turned to the piano at age 16 after a knee injury stopped his basketball dreams. He studied piano using a method based on philosophy, mathematics and psychology. Considered one of the best pianists of his generation, there is the same astonishment each time he plays, his charisma, his enthusiasm and his lyricism leave the audience deeply moved.


Bijan Chemirani, younger son of Iranian percussionist Djamchid Chemirani, began studying traditional Iranian percussion at an early age. Born and raised in France, this gave him flexibility to adapt his style to other genres of music, and to help establish the zarb as one of the world’s foremost percussion instruments. Besides the zarb, he plays the daf, riqq, and cajon.