Antiwar songs by Jynkz

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Hi, I'm Jynkz - I'm an independent musician doing my best to make great music that you can feel, with lyrics that you can ponder. I do all of my recording in my California home studio. Guitar and vocals are my real strength but I also play bass, banjo, keys, drums and more - in fact, everything you hear in my songs was created entirely by me.

I started my singing 'career' in a children's theater group where I had a couple of years of voice training. I learned to play guitar when I was 14 and began writing and recording shortly afterwards. The Arizona Songwriter's Association taught me how to write songs by exposing me to renown L.A. producers and songwriters and having them critique my work.

I was the lead singer and songwriter of Manic-N when the group won Soundboard Magazine's Hottest New Band award. Now I've gone solo - composing my own sound and embracing my passion.

I love all aspects of creating music. From the initial concept of a song through composition, performing, recording, engineering and marketing.