Antiwar songs by Disconnecteds

Transcript from an Interview with Disconnecteds

Ladies 'n' Gents, I'm glad to introduce to you
kuru gürültü, disconnecteds, yali, disconnect, electro-duo, Yilmaz Peksen...
Yilmaz Peksen AKA Yali AKA Disconnected from Istanbul, Turkey

Sick mindz proudly presents da connection to all ;
disconnected from world, life, family and friends...

Follow me ...

This is the path which leads you through the gate, da connection to our dream fake world .

Welcome, D1isconnect.. Why this name?

My music is da connection

Do you play live?

Did.liked a lot.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

Fuckin hell

Your influences?


Favorite spot?


Equipment used:
MC 505, M1, PC

Anything else...?

hmmm... No thanks.