Sleiboi G

Antiwar songs by Sleiboi G

Transcript from an Interview with Sleiboi G (Pete, from Wales, United Kingdom)

Hi once more and I hope you're well.
As you've added my music to your user station before, you may like to know that there's a new track on my Garden of Surreal Dreams page which you might enjoy. 'Lost Children of Electroland' uses only instruments associated with children, plus vocals (all laced with effects).
INSTRUMENTS in order of appearance are:
2 kids toy Xylophones, 2 old wooden school Tambourines, Electronic Percussion (from the rhythm machine of a child's PortaSound), plastic toy Clarina, wooden Descant Recorder, plus Stylophone (the thing once made famous by Rolf Harris!).
There's a new abstract image to go with it, which I've created from my own photography and you can see a larger version in the slide-show on my member profile page.
Thanks for reading and once again, I hope you enjoy the sounds from my inner space!

Why this name?

Taken from a graffitti tag I saw. Pronounced "sly boy".

Do you play live?

As I'm a solo artist – often making heavy use of computer technology to overdub many parts together – this just wouldn't be practically possible.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

The question asks about the music industry but this is the very change that the internet and MP3 have begun to make.
It is now possible to reach an audience without the machinations of an industry. The internet has rendered the word "industry" in the question redundant. That's the effect it has had.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Depends what's written in it. Obviously.

Equipment used:
A plain and not particularly impressive PC, running mostly free software and lots of patience to make it work. Somehow.

Anything else...?